Installing LetsEncrypt Certificate for use with IIS FTP Service

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My operating system is (include version): Windows 10 Pro
I activate ISS Manager and added an FTP server only

Can somebody advise me how to get an SSL Certificate for it…

Thx Rob72

“LetsEncrypt IIS”


Thank I will look in it… Thx Rob72

just so you have some context and i should have been nicer

A) lets encrypt uses a client to get certificates
B) if you are new and just want to dip your toes in the water i recommend zerossl (slightly manual but it works)
C) its worthwhile reviewing the challenge types and what you require to do for each one

review an article i wrote on this ( a little bit wordy)

other people have different takes and different clients they use but the process is about the same

A) Obtain a certificate
B) convert to PFX
C) Import to trust store
D) apply certificate to service (FTPS in your case)

shout out if you get really stuck and I will post some screenshots

I work with IIS quite a lot so understand what you are trying to do :smiley:

Super, thanks a lot Rob72 Age one year later now 73

Hello ahaw021

I fix my certificate by using my existing certificate with a new CCR to “Comodo CA” final result in an new certificate at no cost.
When I connect FTP Plain text it is running fine, ( Is NOT secure)
When I connect FTPS (Secure) next error
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,2,1,244,140).
Server reports local IP -> Redirect to: (Remove my IP Address)
Cancel pressed!
PORT 192,168,2,1,244,142
501 Server cannot accept argument.
Port is redirected to original IP Address

Looks like ISS Can’t handle this port request…!?

I have only forward port 21-22 to (My PC)
QST, do I have forwards a range of other ports?

Thx Rob

i don't understand this statement at all

as for the rest of your issues they are FTP related. This is not a forum for FTP troubleshooting :smiley:

So I suggest you post that problem on a more appropriate forum.


Yes agree I will find an others forum..

Thx for you reply, Rob72

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