Installing Let's Encrypt into printer server


Hi! My printer has the option to import .cert files to encrypt connections from computers. I wonder if there is any way to generate the Letsencrypt .cert file using an internal domain name or IP number. Any advice is welcome! :slight_smile:


The DNS challenge is probably the best / easiest. all the Bash and Go alternate clients support this ( and maybe a few others )


“Internal domain name” suggests (to me) a non-public host name…? Perhaps @itmonitor could clarify if it’s an actual public available host name.


For the DNS challenge it doesn’t need an external A record or anything ( as long as it’s within a domain you own, and you can add a TXT record to the DNS )


It’s quite hard for Boulder to find the TXT record for hp1600.home.local :wink: That’s what I meant.

Unless @itmonitor gives us more information, it’s not really possible to give a good and solid advice.


“internal domain name” could equally be “” I understand where you are coming from though.


Thank you for the replies. Yes, I mean a non-public host name. Yes, that could be like printer. or even a local domain like the ones used to generate a self-signing certificate.


If you mean “” or similar where “” is a domain you own and control - yes that’s possible with the DNS challenge.

If you mean a local domain like “printer.made_up_name.local” then it’s not possible to obtain a certificate for it.


Serverco, many thanks. It is clear for me now. This thread is solved. :slight_smile:


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