INSTAlling lets encrypt into lighty


following this guide ttps://
so i am stuck here

when i type the first tee command
i get’ >’ console

do i need to type all below into by config file or at console ?

tee /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/letsencrypt.conf > /dev/null <<EOF
$SERVER[“socket”] == “:443” {
ssl.engine = “enable”
ssl.pemfile = “/etc/letsencrypt/live/” = “/etc/letsencrypt/live/”
ssl.cipher-list = “ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384:AES256-SHA256:HIGH:!MD5:!aNULL:!EDH:!AESGCM”
ssl.honor-cipher-order = “enable”
ssl.use-sslv2 = “disable”
ssl.use-sslv3 = “disable”
/etc/init.d/lighttpd force-reload


You are supposed to enter all the below data to the console…

Most people copy and paste the commands.
However, as some clients does not support copy and paste, then you’ll need to type all lines in console.

Thank you


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