Installing issues

I’m trying to install a SSL for my domain, but I’m getting the following error. Obviously I have removed my domain and replaced with

Creating well known challenge directory…
Installing LetsEncrypt client…
Cloning into ‘letsencrypt1483370325’…
Configuring client…
Restarting Nginx…
nginx stop/waiting
nginx start/running, process 6435
Generating Certificate…

INFO: Using main config file /root/letsencrypt1483370325/config

“type”: “urn:acme:error:unauthorized”,
“detail”: “Error creating new cert :: Authorizations for these names not found or expired:”,
“status”: 403

Does anyone know what this is and how I can get it working?

Can you say what command you are running ? and what client you are using ?

I’m using Laravel Forge to run this, so not sure what command is run.

I have no real knowledge of the system Laravel Forge use I’m afraid.

From the log you pasted it looks like a config / client error ( but I can’t be certain). It’s probably best to chat to Laravel Forge about the setup - although there may be someone on the forum here who is familiar with it.

I have spoke to the guys at Forge and they said to contact LE direct has there is no issues their end

Can they at least provide a little information about the code / client they are using ?

Alternatively my recommendation would to be to use one of the alternate clients so that we can at least know what cient you are using, and what commands are being run.

Looks like the client internally used is dehydrated.

Not sure what that is and I’ve asked the question at Laravel Forge.

So I’m still none the wiser as to how I can get this working

hi istables

maybe you dont quite understand the problem space

LetsEncrypt has multiple clients that can request a certificate (these include BASH, PHP, Python) etc

The officially supported client is CertBot

LaravelForge is a service provider by the looks of things. It looks like they have a build script.

Them saying ask the LetsEncrypt guys is a bit stupid. You are using whats looks like a PaaS which means that you dont have access to the underlying client to troubleshoot further.

Have a look at this video:

You will need to get more detailed logs from Laravel Forge (not sure if they make these available via the interface) to help people understand whats going on. The logs provided above look like CLI output that Laravel Forge has put together.

Thanks for this, I have now forwarded your reply to Forge for some help on this. it’s really doing my head in has I have never experienced this problem before but now I have, I can’t get any support from either party.

yup it can be a bit frustrating at times

there are quite a few comments with people having issues with wordpress and cpanel plugins (which are developed by other parties)

ultimately a service provider should support services they offer (even if they are free to them)

for example I wouldnt expect them to ask you to contact nginx for issues if the server isnt provisioned due to the way the service provider wrote a script


Yes that is my argument, so I have referred back to Forge to sort this issue out.

Have you checked your Nginx logs to make 100% sure that the acme challenge went through properly. Your error ““status”: 403” leaves me wondering that it perhaps did not

No I didn’t check that, but after many conversations with Forge I decided to just buy a cert from elsewhere.

Well, they give up easily…

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