Installed acme-dns plugin for certbot, but I get "certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: --acme-dns-url"

I am using certbot 2.11.0
I installed (certbot-acme-dns · PyPI):

pip install certbot-acme-dns

But when I run

certbot certonly -v --authenticator acme-dns --acme-dns-url https://myurl

I get

certbot: error: unrecognized arguments: --acme-dns-url https://myurl

What am I missing? I've seen remarks on the net about installing a script and credentials on file. Is that what I am missing. Then why does this plugin exist? I am somewhat confused.

that's like snap version of certbot, it won't able to see pip version of dns plugins:
as snap doesn't have this plugin in snap store, I think you'd have to install certbot from pip or use different client


Can you see acme-dns in the output of certbot plugins?

Options. If you want to use acme-dns you can either use this plugin or use the hooks (scripts) for the --manual plugin. Whatever you fancy.

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