Install tutorial for DirectAdmin and other web control panels

I’ve written a guide on getting Let’s Encrypt working with DirectAdmin. It features the full setup guide for the Let’s Encrypt client and a small guide to setup a website via DirectAdmin with this certificate. For now it only works if you have root access, so not for shared hosting. But, many of you run DirectAdmin on a VPS with root.

The software is in Beta still, and the tutorial is written for the beta. When it’s out of beta, I’ll adapt the tutorial.

Check it out:

Tips, comments and improvements are welcome!


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I did update the guide with the instructions to -a manual so that you don’t need to bring down the webservice and can place the contents in a file yourself. A Lowendtalk forum member notified me of that, so that was nice.

Now the closed beta is over, I updated the guide again. I also added a part where the controlpanel certificates are symlinked to their lets encrypt location, so that auto renewal will work better. Feedback still welcome :smile:

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nice… no feedback though as I don’t use DirectAdmin myself heh

I run DA servers and this I’m very interested in and excited as well

Hi @raymii, Thank you a lot for your tutorial. You are Dutch, right? I’d be happy to buy you a beer (or a bottle of wine).

Unfortunately there is a problem with the DirectAdmin request right now (Agreement Error DirectAdmin (July - August))
Have you bin there? And is it an idea the expand the guide with some possible errors?