Install on Ubuntu 19.10 issue

I have a home server running Ubuntu 19.10. I’m wanting to install cerbot but having an issue.

I added the repository “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot”

and then received “The repository ‘ eoan Release’ does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can’t be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.”

Am I unable to install this way? I’m quite sure this is a novice question, and feel bad about having to ask. Upon searching I saw here the option to download and install manually, but that will require manual updates. I will do that if its my only option, just wasn’t sure if I missing something from being able to just use the repository?

Thank you in advance for any help and your time responding.

I am really surprised this fails:
[don’t they know that certs are FREE now - LOL]


is a Letsencrypt certificate. But with the wrong domain name.

Then is may be a server configuration issue.
[and they do have a valid cert - somewhere]

So this is an error on their side? I need to wait for it to be corrected by them or manually install?

I would wait.
I don’t see a way to verify the files being downloaded.
[unless the files themselves contain some sort of signature…]

Yes. Packages are signed using the Debian/Ubuntu package signing keys, or by the PPA key in the case of Certbot.

After all, how would you authenticate the ca-certificates package if you needed to update install it?

To me it looks like packages for 19.10/Eoan haven't been uploaded yet (Index of /certbot/certbot/ubuntu/dists). 19.04 was available before it, so I guess it's just just a TODO. does suggest using certbot-auto for "Ubuntu (other)", FWIW.

I think you need to use either certbot-auto, or install the version packaged in 19.10's own repos, which is recent-ish.


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