Install certbot on debian 12 with apache


I would like to install certbot on debian 12 (the latest version of debian) with apache but instructions to install certbot on debian 12 are not vailable on this page, there is only documentation for debian 9, 10 and testing.
What should I do? can I use the same instructions that are available for debian 10?

I can login to a root shell on my machine (dedicated server).

Thank you for you help

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But, for Apache you might want to use its mod_md instead. This is an ACME Client which is built-in to Apache. With a fairly simple setup it will get and manage your certs.

You can review the Apache docs or I like the Github for mod_md below that has some nice "how to" docs


Thanks for your response.
If I can use Certbot on debian 12 then I prefer to use it because it is written on the let's encrypt web site (on this page) that it is recommended to use Certbot. And also this:

"Let’s Encrypt does not control or review third party clients and cannot make any guarantees about their safety or reliability."

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Well, strictly speaking Certbot is nowadays also a third party to Let's Encrypt :slight_smile: It originated at LE, but was transfered to the EFF years ago.

That said, the snap instructions are quite uniform and should work.


Thank you for the information and your response


I am well aware of that documentation :slight_smile:

I also know that documentation of software products often lags behind the software itself. You just ran into that now asking if the EFF (maintainers of Certbot) supported Debian 12 since their site only shows up to Debian 10. As an aside, they have announced they are dropping support for the Windows version of Certbot next month yet this is not mentioned yet on that same site.

I don't mean to sound harsh about Certbot. It is a nice ACME client that is used successfully by many. But, there are a number of other very good ACME Clients and the Let's Encrypt docs also say this:

If Certbot does not meet your needs, or you’d simply like to try something else, there are many more clients to choose from below, grouped by the language or environment they run in.

The Apache mod_md client is a little hard to find on that LE docs page (here) but you can find it listed under the "C" section


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