Increase in Names/Certificate limit

I would like the Names/Certificate limit increased to 250 names, or websites, per certificate issued.

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I agree with that request!

Off-topic: I’m a bit confused. Does this limit says how many certificates you can have on 1 domain name? Or can you issue a certificate which contains multiple domains? If so, how?

So there is a difference between:
letsencrypt certonly -d
letsencrypt certonly -d -d

In terms of limitations? I don’t get it…

letsencrypt certonly -d -d

would have a single certificate which is valid for both and Since this is a single certificate it counts as 1 in terms of the limit of 5 certs / domain /7 days.

You can have up to 100 SANs ( and in your example above) on a single certificate.

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Thanks for explaining. O well, too bad I didn't knew. I knew about the limits. But I didn't knew it makes a difference to combine them together. -,-

Now I already got:

Too many certificates already issued for

Why do you need that many names in a single certificate?

I have domains that have 250 subdomains which, in Virtualmin are ‘Alias Domains’. As such I cannot allocate more than one cert to the domain.

In that specific case you’d be probably better off using a wildcard certificate.

Yes, I realize that will be my only option, unless Let’s Encrypt increases its limit. Hence my feature request.

You can always split you Virtualhost in 3 vistualhost that are identical except for the aliases. Then you can have 83 alias on the first and second and 84 on the third.

But yes, a wildcard would definitely easier…

Thank you, I hadn’t considered that. I’ll definitely look into it. A bit of work but I like the idea of saving the cost of a wildcard.

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