Incompatible TLS/SSL versions for IdenTrust


We need to know what version’s of TLS/SSL are not supported for the new IdenTrust. We are using Amazon TLS 1.2 for our environment. Please let us know if we need to change anything from our side for new IdenTrust.
Ref doc:

Narayan Bhat

Have no fear. :grinning: The TLS protocol settings on your web server do not affect and are not affected by the certificate and/or its issuing certificate chain.

What you may or may not need to worry about is whether the clients accessing your site are old enough that they no longer (or never did) receive root CA updates…such that they don’t trust Let’s Encrypt’s own root CA. Typical candidates usually fall into categories like old IoT devices, old mobile phone OSes, and old Java versions.

If your clients are more or less humans running modern desktop or phone web browsers, you have nothing to worry about.


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