I'm leaving EFF!

Hi everybody,

I’m going to be leaving my job at the Electronic Frontier Foundation on Monday, August 3! :wave:

After that time I will be working part-time on an Internet infrastructure project (not related to ISRG) and trying out some part-time freelancing. As I anticipate writing in my forum profile, I’m going to be available for paid work on Let’s Encrypt deployments and integrations (e.g. for people who really don’t want to post their domain names here on the forum, or people who want someone to log into their servers to help debug them). I don’t know how much of my livelihood that will turn out to be, because I’ll also be doing other kinds of work at the same time.

Once I’m no longer an EFF employee, I’m going to give up my administrator status on this forum and become a regular user. I’ve told @jsha that I plan to continue to participate in the forum at least to the extent of helping people with their questions in Portuguese, and hopefully also in other ways.

I’ve really enjoyed participating in this forum and I’m really impressed at the amount of help we’ve been able to give people with Let’s Encrypt over the years (as well as with server administration and PKI questions). The community here is something amazing, and as the post at

pointed out, Let’s Encrypt’s services are pretty great and are working smoothly for a lot of satisfied users all the time.

I’m grateful to the colleagues who’ve given me the opportunity to be part of creating Let’s Encrypt!


It feels odd to “like” the post that someone is leaving, but that like is in essence to say thank you for the support you’ve been providing on this forum (and GitHub) and to wish you good luck. Also that like is about you staying on forum :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the EFF, Let’s Encrypt, the community forum and the internet at large! You’ve been a massive help to so many people and your friendly & knowledgeable communication style is one I’ve always tried to emulate. In particular I always loved seeing you reply to a poster in their native language.

More personally, I remember some years ago before Let’s Encrypt I saw you in the audience of a talk at a conference (maybe RightsCon?) and approached you out of the blue to chat about the SSL Observatory. You were so approachable and enthusiastic and I came away from the conversation with warm feelings that last to this day. It was a real pleasure to later get to work alongside you on Let’s Encrypt :slight_smile:

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more about the projects you’ll be transitioning to working on next.

Take care!


It always hard to have someone leave, especially when they’ve done so much good. But when bigger and brighter frontiers sparkle in your eyes, go for it! Best of luck and may you always be busy. :wink: But take time to enjoy life. You’ve only got one. Here’s to wishing you happiness and enjoyment in your new line of work.


Thanks a lot for everything you did for Let’s Encrypt, ACME, and the internet! All the best for your future life, and it’s good to know you’ll still be around here too :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help and patience.

All the best,

Stephen Mark

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Thanks for your great help and patience. Good luck and following seas

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Fair winds and following seas, good sir. I know you’ll continue to do excellent things for the Internet, and don’t be a stranger!


Hi Seth,

Looking for the words to say, but mostly just THANK YOU. You are an incredibly kind, patient, compassionate individual and that comes through in every single forum post. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help over the years, for making Let’s Encrypt a reality, for helping sustain and support us in the forums. I’m glad to hear you will be staying around a bit too!

Thanks again for all you do for the Web and I can’t wait to see where you make a difference in the world from here!



Thank you, for everything you have done for the web, your contribution was invaluable!
And people would be lucky to hire you :+1:


Good luck for your new job and many thanks for your always kindly help. :wave: :penguin:


Good luck for your future endeavors.

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