Hello web-admins, enthusiasts and geeks like me! : Introductions

Hello web-admins, enthusiasts and geeks like me!

I have been watching this project for quite some time now, and very excited to see it upcoming in the field. Since this board is new, why don’t we get an introductions and welcome thread going on.

My self? Glad you asked! I do system admin work for a variety of different sized companies day to day. Suffice to say, SSL is something I look forward to automate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

– … Archer


Hello @Archer! Good idea for an introductions thread.

I’m a senior staff technologist at EFF. I became interested in HTTPS when I was working at Twitter in 2010 and Firesheep came out. It seemed like the ideal time to make Twitter be HTTPS-only, so I switched to he security team and got to work. Many months later, Twitter became the second (after G+) social network to use HTTPS by default. I kept learning more and more about TLS and PKI along the way, and eventually I joined EFF to help encrypt even more of the web.

I do a lot of work on Boulder, the CA software we’re writing in Go for Let’s Encrypt. I’m also the primary maintainer on HTTPS Everywhere. Speaking of Go, I also enjoy playing the board game Go in my spare time, which I’ve unfortunately had less time for lately.


Great idea!

I work on the software development team for a human rights based non profit in Washington DC.

We spend a lot of money, time and effort on maintaining SSL certs for programs that have no time or money, so we are very excited by the prospect of LE and can’t wait to get on board!

Hopefully this will be yet another example of technology helping to make the world a better place!



Hi all,

Really intrested in the project. I am a storage engineer that tries to bring some sort of integity thinking to my field. Really looking forward to the go-live of this project.



NOYB here. As the handle says, NOYB.
Looking forward to Let’s Encrypt certs.


young IT engineer with a growing interest in system security, cryptography and privacy.
Supporter of EFF and Mozilla among others. Try to spread the word about Let’s encrypt !




I’m Stig Harder, the Founder and CEO of FASHION NET (https://www.fashion.net) – one of the first websites in the world and the very first fashion site on the Internet when it launched in January 1995. We’ve known about Let’s Encrypt since May this year, shortly after we implemented HTTPS throughout the site. We love what Let’s Encrypt is doing and look forward to working with you as we make a transition to a significantly safer Internet.


Hi folks !

My name is George Liu aka eva2000 from Brisbane, Australia

I do private server related consulting mainly for forum based communities (vbulletin and xenforo) + a Tech at vbulletin since 2001 and also develop my own shell based menu LEMP web stack auto installer called Centmin Mod - Nginx + PHP-FPM + MariaDB 10 which will has Nginx SPDY/3.1 support and will have Nginx HTTP/2 support. For me, SSL is all about performance in terms of page speed with SPDY and HTTP/2 so naturally SSL certificates is a big part of that equation :slight_smile:

I also have sslspdy.com test site for playing with SSL certificates and Nginx SSL related configurations like ECC 256bit ECDSA and Nginx LibreSSL. Looking forward to playing with Letsencrypt based SSL certs too and hopefully integrating it’s automation into my Centmin Mod LEMP stack’s auto nginx vhost + SSL generation routines as alot of my users are interested in Nginx SPDY/HTTP/2 and need SSL certs :slight_smile:


Hi there !

I am Philippe Delberghe, founder and general manager of AmaZili Communication, a web and print communication agency.
We are doing a lot on the web these days, and we want to provide the best services to our customers.
SSL based is a must, pricing today is not affordable for some small shops, so we are looking with great interrest to the LE initiative.


More on us : https://amazili-communication.com/


Hi All, I’m Sean MacIntyre, systems admin for a couple of SME’s in Devon, England.
I’m looking forward to the November launch.
I’m very impressed by Let’s Encrypt’s altruistic aims and charitable status and I believe it’s the start of something truly ground breaking. A real game changer.
I’m very pleased to have got in on the ground floor.



Andrew Grothe from New Brunswick, Canada. Programmer/Consultant during the day and server admin at night. Very happy to have found Let’s Encrypt and look forward to using and providing feedback. This tool solves a very real problem and the price is very hard to beat!

I run a single server for Wordpress sites and Nginx-rtmp streaming and this will certainly be a huge time saver. I’ll be spreading the word as well.



I’m Pierre Ozoux, started IndieHosters last year. For us, SSL is not a question, but it is still a hard problem to automate. We are really looking forward to implement Let’s encrypt on IndiePaaS.

Thanks for this amazing idea!


Hi @Archer,

I’m Pam Boling, a professional photographer who has been developing personal websites for many years. I am also connected to hundreds of other photographers worldwide who are “fed up” with the fees charged by photo hosting companies (Smugmug, Zenfolio, PhotoShelter, to name a few) who either have migrated or are anticipating migrating away from those companies to develop their own websites. In tandem with this move, many are concerned about Google’s announcement a year ago that HTTPS will be a factor in ranking. Many are shy about making the move: staying with Smugmug, et al, is less expensive than buying a certificate. Let’s Encrypt will remove one roadblock for us.

Thank you for what you are doing. I look forward to launch.


Hello All!

My name is Ola Högberg

I’m a self-taught computer enthusiast, been using computers since I was practically born… (1984) well obviously not from the get go but the first computer i ever touched was a sinclair spectrum 128kb with magnet cartridge drive and casette tape added to it. The internet has grown so much since then!

I never studied computers or computer science in any higher education or such but I’ve allways been fiddeling around with them since childhood. Nowadays I administer the entire IT platform for a small nonprofit in sweden in my home town, and I think this is going to be just awesome! Can’t wait to try and integrate this as an option in my turnkey raspberry box running LAMP and ownCloud at the moment! My users are somewhat annoyed over the self signed CAs i use and the organization could never afford buying some nice accepted ones for ridiculously large ammounts of money!

Thank you for the effort! I would love trying this out NOW! :smiley:


Hello All!

My name is Michael Fox

I’m a self taught computer enthusiast as well, been using them since i was practically born too (1994) (not literally when i was born but yeah). My first computer was a Windows 95 computer, first thing i did on it obviously was play dos games like roulette xD.

I have an associates from ITT technical institute in Network Systems Administration and i am currently pursuing my bachelors in Internet Systems CyberSecurity. I am a self taught programmer as well with knowledge in python javascript php html and css, and i am currently teaching myself ruby and ruby on rails as well as c++ and c.

I am a lover of linux and its customizability, my first linux machine was ubuntu i then learned fedora at itt and self taught myself how to use debian and then arch linux.

I run a few little side hobbies one being a chatango bot written in javascript which i plan to rewrite from scratch sometime before the year ends (not affiliated with http://chatango.com ). I am assisting in reviving an old online past time for some of the .hack fans that might or might not be here (not affiliated with cccorp2 or bandai) if your interested in what the past time is, i recommend you read a bit on the http://www.dothackers.net forum. I’m also assisting with a game proxy (not affiliated with sega of japan) for a game in japan that’s owned by sega of japan that is played by people around the world. If your interested then feel free to check out the game at http://pso2.jp . I also run a few domains to get some experience with nginx and web development under my belt.

I am currently looking for a job either as an entry level programmer (where they will teach me anything i don’t know yet), an entry level web developer or an entry level job in my field of study.

I always thought the ssl certificates from CA’s where too expensive till i found this. I appreciate what you’re doing keep up the good work.


Hello everyone

I am Rachel from South Dorset in the United Kingdom.

I am a retired geek but still manage and maintain some small webservers and IS infrastructures for non-profits and small businesses in my local area.
I geek for fun now as I bailed out of Software Configuration Management, Release & Deployment. I prefer driving my cab for a living; and geeking for fun.

hope to see you all around here (I am sure to have questions)


Hi folks. I’m Rareș from Bucharest, Romania, sysadmin @ a research institute. Looking forward to test Let’s encrypt.


I’m Jason, a web app developer from western New York state mainly working in higher education. My employer is a member of InCommon, so I have the ability to get certificates for whatever I need for work, but I also like to tinker and I’m looking forward to having the same easy access (or hopefully even easier access) to certs for my side projects.


Great suggestion, so here we go…

I am Mark, a Multicopter Aerial Photography & Videography a. k. a. “drone video” nerd http://fxfo.com/product-category/cameras-drones-electronics-accessories-spare-parts/ along with more old-fashioned (as in on-the-ground) HD video, photography, media production and multi-lingual SEO. Also a Bitcoin and general Crypto coin enthusiast and setting up a Bitcoin-enabled online image agency in order to finally bring more real-life use to P2P digital currency and promote the idea of overall decentralization. My day-job is in IT security and server admin, monitoring, and systems development; have been sitting as a boring employee in a top-250 datacenter of a large online bank for many years.


Hi @Archer, I am an independent information security consultant (almost 13 years in the field) with a background in web applications, web servers, Linux/UNIX etc. Excited about this project. I am currently helping my client (a state agency) prepare their systems for PCI DSS v3.1 compliance. They have a lot of work to do ripping out SSLv3/TLSv1.0 and moving to TLSv1.2. Lots of changes to cipher suites too.

Khürt L. Williams, CISSP, CRISC, ITILv3
Principal, Monkey Hill, LLC