IdenTrust is № 1

IdenTrust is now the most used CA on the ten million most visited websites, according to W³Techs.

Usage trend, quarterly:


A bit confusing because of the cross-signing. Censys shows Let’s Encrypt in a much stronger position for currently trusted certificates:

There are significant methodology differences, e.g. W3Techs only count Alexa top 10M sites and don’t count subdomains as distinct, whereas Censys try to count every certificate in existence.

I think that cPanel is also worthy of praise, thanks to their wide deployment base and AutoSSL deal with Comodo, they have been responsible for bringing SSL to millions of websites that probably would not have bothered otherwise.


W3techs uses the literal Organization of the root. “Let’s Encrypt” lists all the sites that have incomplete chains. :no_mouth:

IdenTrust, which is used as root certificate for Let’s Encrypt, has become the most popular SSL certificate authority (W³Techs)

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