I think my ip got blocked?

My domain is: live-deployment.com,live-deployments.com,live-deployments.de,live-deployment.de, livedeployment.de


I think my ip got blocked because of generating to much certs. Yesterday I tested something and accidentally generated a loop of deploying applications in a coupe of seconds. Since that point I am not able to generate new certs on this host, even for new domains.

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Hi @scsc,

Your Let’s Encrypt client software should be able to log or display the specific error messages that help you understand exactly what’s happened.

Either way, you can consult

to understand the different rate limits that apply to different kinds of use of the Let’s Encrypt service. All of these except for one reset automatically after a period of time, so once you understand which rate limit you’ve hit, you should be able to predict when you’ll be able to use the service again.

The exception is “ridiculously excessive traffic”; if you’ve hit that one, you have to contact Let’s Encrypt staff (which can be done through this forum). Again, your Let’s Encrypt client log files should indicate the exact rate limit error condition that applies to you.

1 Like, has been blocked due to ridiculously excessive traffic :frowning:

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That needs 300k+ cert request to be get it, what kind of client you have?


I use traefik 1.7 in a docker swarm cluster with consul… yesterday I tested a script which is used to redeploy applications through the portainer api. It takes entrys from a queue processes them and removes the entry from queue on success. Suddenly it caught a loop and my python script started to deploy hundreds of new stacks with multiple services on newly generated subdomains and changed the domain after every 25 deployments to another of my predefined preview domains.

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@cpu @jillian could one of you please help with this “ridiculously excessive traffic” request?

Thanks for letting us know what went wrong and how you you will fix it. I can work to unblock your ip today and will follow up here when that work is complete.

As you work on your script, please consider testing against the staging environment where the rate limits are much more generous.


Is the correct ip address? I don’t it see it causing too much traffic in the logs.

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