I need help getting started. I have some questions


I use hostgator and I have a reseller account. I clicked on getting started and saw that I would need to choose either the option with shell access or no shell access. I checked my hostgator account and saw that I can enable shell access on my own and so I did.

I read through the forums and saw that other hostgator users had to pay $10 to have them install the cert. If I have shell access, do I still need to have hostgator install my cert for me or can I just do it myself?

I don’t have a cert yet as I’m trying to figure out what to do first and how to obtain one. On the shell access option it just mentions something about installing a certbot. Would that be the first step? Sorry, I’m just a little confused and wondering if someone could hold my hand through the process :>

Thank you in advance…


Hi @Feather,

You can only install without their help if you have root access (not just shell access). I think this is never the case on HostGator. I guess the documentation has omitted to mention this important detail.

I have mentioned to people, most recently a few minutes ago in

that if you have to pay HostGator $10 every time you install a certificate, Let’s Encrypt will actually be a money-losing option for you in comparison to buying a longer-lived certificate from another CA. HostGator policies make us not the most economical option for HostGator’s customers.

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