I have reached rate limit today, when unlocked?

Last night, First time I used crontab. I want to renew every 2 monthes, but I edited the cron config with:

* * * */2 * renew

It's wrong. The correct configuration should be:

0 0 1 */2 * renew

But I have renewed too many certificates, more than 100. I want to know when can renew again.

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If I may be so frank, I would be worrying more about HOW this could have happened: because certbot by default shouldn't renew certificates if they were not up for renewal. Do you perhaps have the option --force-renewal set somewhere? Or its synonyms. Because that option is genuinly a bad idea, as you've seen now.

Also, to answer your question directly, we'd need to know the exact error message.


Yes, I have added the option -force-renewal, beacause I worry about when the crontab time reached but the renew time not reached and I will not get certificates and crontab next renew need wait 2 monthes.

That's not how it's supposed to work. You should run your cronjob idealy twice a day and let certbot do the decision making about when to renew.


This was wrong (as you noticed):

But your "fix":

Is also wrong.

And trying to fix that wrong with adding --force-renewal is even more wrong.

Please remove the --force-renew
and change your cron to something like:
10 */12 * * * root /path/to/wherever/certbot renew


Yes, I shouldn't have done that. Now I can use it correctly.
My new cornjob is:
0 0,12 * * * certbot renew

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Yes, I should do this.

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