I did this to myself, but need help! (Rate Limit Exceeded)

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My domain is: mylilmule.us

I ran this command: unknown

It produced this output: Rate limit exceeded

My web server is (include version): unknown

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): unknown

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Currently, DreamHost, was a few others

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know): no

I'm using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): yes, DreamHost

The version of my client is (e.g. output of certbot --version or certbot-auto --version if you're using Certbot):

My previous hosting provider completely blew up my web sites. All of them. To the point, I could not get them started again. One of the sites is a WordPress site. I was able to get a backup of the files and the database. Using them, I made efforts to try and move them to another provider.

Throughout this process, I repeatedly deleted and recreated the site, trying different things to get the site working again. Yes, I realize now that it was probably a mistake. But tech support from these providers is less than stellar, to put it nicely.

Now, it seems, I locked myself out of being able to create another certificate. I am hoping for the last time. Is there anyway I can get out of the hole I dug for myself?

Hi @gregkopp

please read

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Informative. But not as helpful as I would have liked. I guess I will just have to wait the 7 days.

Depends on the exact error message you got. For one error there is a workaround which even is described in the above Rate Limits guide :wink:


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