I can't reinstall my certificates

I had many problems in the configuration of my server.
Now it's done, I know where the certificates are, but I can't reinstall.
I also cannot issue new ones because I have already exceeded the limit.
I used the commands from another topic with my directories, and it still didn't work.
Can someone help me?
My domain is: conexaoverde.com.br

My web server is (Livespeed)

The operating system my web server runs on is (Apache, CentOS):

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Service is down. I had same problem.


Welcome, Both of You, to the Let's Encrypt Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I'll be happy to help here.

The three services that are currently down are:

  • Testflume CT Log - will not impact certificate acquisition
  • ACMEv1 API servers - intentional brownout as part of an awareness campaign that will only impact outdated ACME clients that need to be upgraded to v2 or replaced
  • Staging servers - will impact use of the testing environment for about another half hour

More information can be found here:


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But, is there any ssh command, or another way for me to reinstall my certificates?

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Please provide the commands used and their outputs.


Depending on the exact rate limit you've hit, it might be you already have the required certificates on your server. But without commands and output (see above), the only thing we can do is guess....

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As for your troubles, Vanessa, let's see what we can do. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you mentioned "Livespeed" as your webserver, were you meaning "LiteSpeed"? When I queried your server at conexaoverde.com.br over http (port 80), I got a response from Apache/2.4.39. Is this expected?

Do you know how you acquired your Let's Encrypt certificates (certbot maybe)?

I noticed that you're using CentOS WebPanel.

Certificate history for reference:


We will get to that for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Normally I would say that we might need to deal with Cloudflare interfering, but the response seems to be coming from your server and not Cloudflare.

:star_struck: :star_struck:Sorry, in addition to being new to this, I don't speak English very well.
The information you entered above is correct.
I issued the certificates through the CWP itself, I don't know how to tell you more.
I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what you need.
I'm sorry. I'm a beginner, self-taught, I don't know the terms. :pensive:

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No worries. We're all new at some point. Your English seems fine to me. If you feel more comfortable expressing something in Portuguese, we can work with that.

I'm glad you knew that you issued the certificates through CWP. That helps tremendously.

I'll need some information you can get through SSH to proceed.

What's the output of this command?

sudo apachectl -S

When you post outputs or code here, please put three backticks on a line above and below, like this:


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Thanks for everything.
We will see...

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I'll try again.

sudo: apachectl: not found
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Try this:

sudo httpd -S

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The same thing.

command not found

Thank you for teaching me about the backbones.
I really wanted to know how it was done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You're quite welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm... let me check something. :thinking:

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Let's try this:

sudo /usr/sbin/apachectl -S

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I connect as root, with sudo and without.

command not found

Without sudo:

No such file or directory.
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What's your CentOS version?

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I'm using CentOS 7. But I know what directory they're in.

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the certificates or the httpd or?

I just want to make sure I know what "they" you are meaning :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I'm assuming you're using CWP 7. Is that correct?

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Out of curiosity, do you have an SSL Certificates Menu with an "AutoSSL [Free]" tab? That should be where you acquire and install your certificates.

I found this article that might shortcut the process. Go down to the very bottom for a list of instructions:


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