I accidentally clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE from the Expiration Reminders

Feature Request:: Help me subscribe again… AND make the unsubscribe link, DOUBLE OPT-OUT**

So, like I said…

I accidentally clicked on UNSUBSCRIBE from the Expiration Reminders.

Today, my first domain expired and I didn’t noticed.

How can I subscribe again?

One would think that by renewing the SLL you will get subscribed again, but nah nah, not working homie.

Please please help, apparently the mandrillapp group, once you unsubscribe to any of the email, you will no longer receive emails from any other domain that will expire.

This is marked as a Feature Requests because,
There is no general Category either

My only work around this is to change the email once I renew the SSL from EVERY single domain I have secured by your OSOM LetEncrypt Bot :slight_smile:


If supported by your mail provider (many do), you could try updating your contact address from me@example.com to me+letsencrypt@example.com.

Hopefully Mandrill does not treat them as identical for the purposes of unsubscription.


It does not.

(If I'm wrong about this we'll need to update the expiration email docs where we recommend this approach as a work-around for unsubscribing accidentally: Expiration Emails - Let's Encrypt )


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