Https validation

Hello , I’m thinking using manual mode for generating certificate
but I’m stock in this problem,
because the host server that I can access only through https not http.
(ex: http://my-domain/.well-known/acme-challenge/4gSqD6ddCE1t5oCZATNWcv1gdhzfacPZPAgESxJleIE )
So I want to change the validation url from above to https://my-domain/.well-known/acme-challenge/4gSqD6ddCE1t5oCZATNWcv1gdhzfacPZPAgESxJleIE

The thing I’ve tried is modifying /letsencrypt/acme/acme/
Line 310: return “https://” + domain + self.path
But it remain the same situation , is there a solution?
Thanks a lot!

You can’t change it in the client, the protocol demands starting on port 80 and validation by the server, the client just does a sanity check there. Can’t you at least redirect all and any HTTP request to HTTPS? Is there already a valid certificate on the HTTPS site?