Https:// - Does not appear trusted anymore on Safari 9.0


Hello. The demo webpage showing “hello world, let’s encrypt” does not appear anymore to be trusted when I connect to in on my mac (OS 10.11.4) using Safari 9.0. It appears trusted when I use Firefox.

My problem with that is that the website of my bicycle club, hosted by Dreamhost, is encrypted by a Let’s Encrypt certificate. On Safari, the website itself appears trusted, but this demo hello world page, also linked to from the website as a proof of accessibility, appears as untrusted. Thus raising a host of uncertainty and questions.

Any idea why this is so ? Am I pointing to a wrong page ?

Any reason to hope that it will return to normal ?




The helloworld site has been set up at present to only use the Let’s Encrypt root as Let’s Encrypt move toward inclusion in some of the root programs, rather than been cross signed as the certificates you obtain / use from Let’s Encrypt are. Since the Let’s Encrypt Authority X1 isn’t in any browser caches yet, it will currently be unverified.

It does not, in any way affect the certificates on your site.


Thank you. I believe I now understand enough of the cause to act on it. I had posted on the <> website a link to this “HELLO WORLD” page as a proof of accessibility to all members. The site is now online and appear as accessible to all and trusted. I will now remove my misleading link to the Hello world page. Thanks for the reply.