Http challenge failure

My domain is:

Aceme account url:

I am using acme4j java client


The authorisation request came on our server

It is responded with 200, still it seems authorization is failed.

Can you please help to know the issue here??

What is the exact error message you're getting from the server?

How many requests are you seeing for the challenge file? There should be at least 4 or 5.


No ERROR from the server.
But challenge.getStatus() (this is in acme4j java client) has never become valid.

Basically the status of challenge never become Valid.

I can see 3 request I got on the server all are returned as 200.

If you're only seeing 3 requests, then you have a firewall or network blocking some of them. You may find this FAQ helpful:

@shred While I've been bugging you on the forum anyway, can you give a hand here with how to get the error message from the ACME server when the challenge fails?


You can use challenge.getError() to get the problem message from the server (if there is one). Its toString() method should then give all the necessary details as a String in a logable fashion.

If you catch an AcmeServerException, you can also invoke getProblem() there and see the details of the problem.


Thanks for the response.
I will check this.

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