HowTo split/move Domains?


Hello everyone,

I have 3 Linux V-Servers, each with multiple ip´s.
On the first Server I have the LE-Certs active: www./mail./web./live./test./beta.domain.tld
Now I want to “split” the Domain… For example:
www./live.domain.tld on first Server
mail./web.domain.tld on second Server
test./beta.domain.tld on third Server

How do I have to handle it with LE certbot?

Many many thanks!


Make a new cert for www/live on the first server, make a cert for mail/web on the second, and a cert for test/beta on the third. Once those are up, you can certbot delete the original cert so it doesn’t keep renewing it.


I created new certificates for 2nd and 3rd Server - worked like a charm…
Can I remove only the mail./web./test./beta. from the certificate on 1st Server or do I have to delete the whole certificate and create a new one?


Got it…
Created a whole new certificate on 1st Server and after all was working, i deleted the whole old certificate.
(Yes, I didn´t read correctly what you wrote… sorry… shame on me…)

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


As you realized, you need to create a new cert–once a cert has been issued, it can’t be changed.


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