How to use the DNS Challenge?

I read now more than one time about the DNS-Challenge (to proof a domain ownership with a TXT entry in the DNS).
My question is how I can use it.
I had several problems with the webroot method (actually everything is working, but I don’t like webroot anyway) and I won’t shut my webserver down every renewal for standalone (I don’t use the certbot autoinstalls, only certonly/renew).
So I’m interested in testing this new (?) challenge. Is there any argument to use it with certbot? I don’t find anything in documentation.
Or is this method actually only by other clients supported?
I hope somebody can help me out!

I think it’s only supported by the alternate clients at the moment. All the Bash and go clients support the DNS challenge ( not certain of the others )


Thanks, got it. I will try to use

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