How to test LE ability to renew certificate at synology

I have 2 identicaly cfg synology routers at DE and CZ location.
DE router allows create/renew LE certificate :slight_smile: - CZ not :frowning:

routers cfg: no port fowarding, no UPnP, port 80 cfg as open
port80 looks open (tested by nmap, telnet) at both routers :slight_smile:
port80 looks blocked (common web tools) at both routers :frowning:

renew certificate by tunnel one router to the second location
CZ router -> l2tp tunnel -> DE router (create/renew OK) :slight_smile:
DE router -> l2tp tunnel -> CZ router (create/renew PROBLEM) :frowning:

.. se we can exclude HW or other stupid issue.

  • reverse domain DNS lookup: both DE, CZ looks OK but how to check and where to look that routing is OK?
  • any idea how to analyze the botleneck at CZ end point? .. to check why it does not renew certificate
  • what else could affect certificate create/renew ?

thx lige

Hi @lige

your domain names are required if you want help.

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