How to restore letsencrypt from backup?

I had letsencrypt working fine before the recent re-build of the server: re-partition, re-format the ssd, and re-install Ubuntu 16.04.2.
I did not choose to restore the whole system from the backup because there was some bad problem. But, since the letsencrypt was working, is there any way that I can make the letsencrypt work again by using the backup, such as copy the following folders along with their contents from the backup to the respective active directories?

Or would it be easier just install letsencrypt again from scratch, risk exceeding the quota? I already installed letsencrypt twice before the rebuild.

Thanks for reading and hope someone can help.

The rate limit quota resets every week per so if you haven’t issued more than 20 certificates per registered domain, you should be ok to just reinstall the client from scratch.

If you absolutely must restore from backup and cannot generate a brand new key pair, let me know.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Phil!
I will just reinstall it.

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Let me know if you need anything else. :thumbsup:

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