How to renew certificate after 90 days


How to renew certificate after its validity end in tomcat server…


You should have renewed it well before it expired (LE generally recommends about 30 days before). But in any event, how did you obtain the cert in the first place?


please define process for renewing certificate.


Please answer my question:

Because the way you obtained the cert in the first place is going to determine what you need to do in order to renew it. Feel free to use more than one sentence in your response.


I have generated certificate from by providing CSR and performing acme-challenge in /.well-known directory.
Now please explain how can i renew ssl certificate which was exipre yesterday.
Also define process for renewing certificate which was not expire.


Exactly the same way you got it in the first place. And the process is the same whether or not the cert is already expired.


This is because renewal is always performed by issuing a new certificate. There’s no way to change the validity period of an existing certificate. Renewal means issuing a new certificate with the same coverage as an older certificate and that’s intended to be used to replace the older certificate.


thanks for all replies. I have same question and continue to read this post for more replies.


You can use again by providing your CSR and creating the requested file. Then you can get a new certificate with a new validity period this way.


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