How to remove certificate in Windows Server

Hi, good morning

I have 2 domains registred to auto-renew in my Windows Server and I´ve transfered one to other server and now I need remove the domain from the first server, because every day the system send me a notification " Renewal for *[IIS] (any site) | failed, will retry on next run."

How can I remove the certificate in Windows Server?

My Wacs.exe version is

Thanks in advance


Hi @tramostrc

that's the wrong question.

You have to remove the job that creates that warning.

Check your jobs.

May be Wacs.exe (I don't use it) has an option to delete certificates, so they aren't longer renewed.

Hi JuergenAuer,

If I remove the job the remanecent certificate will not renew.

In wacs.exe don't have this option.



There must be an option to do that.

Please - 30 seconds reading

There is all you need.

Hi Juerger,

I had removed the json files, but is need restart the server to work.



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