How to manage a certificate for a failover domain?


first I ve have to mention that I read this thread (Seting up certificate on failover (backup) server) how to manage a certificate for a main and backup server, but it s closed. My szenario is similar, but a bit different.

Server 1 =>
Server 2 =>

Failover-Domain => linked to Server1

When installing Server 1 + 2 I created the certificates and on Server1, and on Server 2. My goal is when Server 1 crashes I just need to set the A-Record of the failover-domain to Server 2 without changing anything.

In Apache Server 1

In Apache Server 2

In the moment I have to set the certificate in Apache Server 1 to the certificate for and I copied it to Server 2. It would be cool to get the certificate of the failover-domain into stats1 and stats2. Is this possible? Or is there another solution?

Hi @ThomasB


Perhaps create a redirect

stats/.well-known/acme-challenge/ -> destination
stats1/.well-known/acme-challenge/ -> destination
stats2/.well-known/acme-challenge/ -> destination

destination may be a directory of these servers, may be a third domain (port 80 or 443).

Then you can use Certbot and webroot to create one certificate with three domain names.

So every server is able to work with every domain name.

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