How to know if I have a blacklisted domain

I have an app running on Heroku. My app was working good, but today I got an error of “failing” issuing the certificate.

I dismissed all the possible issues in the “troubleshooting” documentation in Heroku. (

The last one is to the possibility to have my domain blacklisted. Is there anyway to know if my domain is blacklisted?


Hi @imchuck,

Ideally, Heroku would have a log of the specific error returned by the CA that they would be willing to show you.

If not, you can try obtaining a certificate outside of the Heroku interface using any of the clients at

including the web-based ones. The Let's Encrypt client should show you the specific error returned by the CA; if that error is "policy forbids issuing for name", then your name is blacklisted.

As @schoen mentioned (thanks!) it is usually obvious because Let's Encrypt returns an error message that specifically says that the domain is blacklisted.

Can you share your domain name? I would be happy to check for you explicitly :slight_smile:

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