How to issue wildcard certificate for a domain from letsencrypt

I haven’t seen that Certbot can do DNS challenge. Well that simplifies my situation I believe. I will try it right now and come back with a response!

It depends on how you installed Certbot, which version you have, and which DNS provider you use.

…or there are plenty of other clients that do; one of the more popular seems to be

Are you guys still on track to release ACMEv2, wildcard, and a compatible Certbot by February 27?

Also, will the format of the command line and the manually generated CSRs I use (with the exception of allowing wildcards) still be the same?

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Are wildcard certs available now, since yesterday was February 27th? Where can the details/documentation for that be found?

@GiantNinja, It’s been delayed. :frowning: See here:

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Agreed… Quality is definitely more important here than making an arbitrary deadline. I just didn’t see any update on that, so I appreciate the reply. Keep up the great work!

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Wildcard support is available since March of 2018. Please see this post for details: ACME v2 and Wildcard Certificate Support is Live