How to integrate Let'sEncrypt into hosting provider's platform?

Hi there,
This is Crystal, we are hosting provider in US with many users in Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong China, etc.. We heard from couple of our customers mentioned about Let'sEncrypt and would like to use your service.
Could you please let us know:

  1. How to integrate Let'sEncrypt into our platform "" for our users being able to directly apply for the certificates?
  2. As an integrator what other services can we get from Let'sEncrypt and what's the costs?
  3. Do you offer relevant documentations and supports?
    Thank you so much for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Crystal Dong


You should probably start here:

As for other services, there are none. Free certificates are it.

The documentation is more or less the ACME protocol documentation in RFC 8555. But you may not need to get too deep into the RFC if you end up using an existing ACME client or library.

There is no paid support as far as I'm aware. But these community forums serve as a largely volunteer maintained support channel that Let's Encrypt staff can and do chime in when necessary.


Thank you so much for your answer.
I'm still trying to learn more about Let'sEncrypt.
By the way, do you know is there any limit on the amount of certificates can be applied for each account?


Please review: Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt (

If by "applied for" you mean "obtained", that is not limited (as I know it); Although you can't exceed a newly issued rate of more than 50/week/domain.

If by "applied for" you mean "in the process of obtaining", that does have limits [that are detailed in the link above].


Thank you very much for reply. Yes, I mean obtained.


I read the Integrate Guide a couple times, the explanation seems simple but it's actually not to me.
Is anyone can help please?
Is there any like instructions can teach step by step?
Really want to know how to integrate Let'sEncrypt directly into our website so that our customers can obtain certificates easily. They have full root access and can administer by themselves.

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after browsing you site it looks like you only run VPS and dedicateds, for those it's client's duty to install run any certificate. (like you don't (and shouldn't) know what clients will install in that VM.

for cdn : normal http-01 challenge will apply, just insert challenge in .well-known/acme-challenge as if client did and run your own acme client
for layer 7 ddos protection: not sure you are in position to inject page as client. in attack it's unlikely to be able to inspect your http request. if not you should ask a cert from client. otherwise just reply http-01 challenge as client

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