How to Install an SSL Certificate for router huawei __Please Help

Not working, certificate not activated after upload on router, there is a problem with the certificate or the device does not accept

Is the router using the certificate and it’s not accepted by the browser, or is the router not using the certificate at all? Those are importantly different different cases.

you are using WRONG MENU to import certificate, you the one under “Modify login Password”
the one you’re uploading is for client certificate to router be authorized in ISP’s network.

@orangepizza Prefer the answer clearly :

did you import the private key too? it can’t work without private key. it should be just below import certificate, a bit scroll needed

@orangepizza Yes , you have imported the private key, by typing manually in the private key (Private Key Password) .

☞ If you intend to import the private key as a file through the ( Import Certificate ) , import is not accepted

no, a dedicate menu to import private key, below certificate import, did you noticed a scroll bar on right side?

@orangepizza No. No a dedicate menu to import private key for router huawei

@schoen I just finished creating a topic on the Huawei Forum to ask your important question

You should be able to answer this question for yourself by looking closely at the message from the browser, because it will indicate what certificate was received, at least if you ask for more details about the error.

@schoen No message from the browser ➛ :exclamation:
Import the self-signed certificate, and nothing changes :exclamation:

But you said that the HTTPS interface on the browser isn’t working, so what happens if you try to visit that HTTPS using the browser?

@schoen Nothing happens :warning:

It seems that the router doesn’t have HTTPS enabled at all, so you may want to look further into router documentation or the Huawei forum to ensure that you know how to turn on the router’s HTTPS support.

Dear Engineer. @schoen
Huawei’s team answered the question I posed


☞ the problem with the router , the service provider and most telecom companies in most countries force the use of a Huawei router :exclamation:

☞ The big problem :
The service provider refuses to replace the current Huawei router with another Huawei device, and refuses to replace it with another router from any company to activate it on my Fiber Optic Service

maybe it need certificate to be PKCS 12 form? (it merges certificate and private key as one.(three in one)

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Maybe you can ask Huawei again what format the three-in-one certificate should take (concatenated PEM files, PFX/PKCS#12, or something else).

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