How to import existing certs to certbot?

Sorry I had to remove most of the prefilled template for help requests, but most of the questions didn’t apply because I’m not asking about a certbot command that failed. I have working certs from running certbot on a previous machine, but I’ve migrated servers and unfortunately I didn’t realize the files in /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt/renewal were important before taking down the old server. So the problem now is just that I can’t renew the certificates since certbot doesn’t know about them (certbot certificates says “no certs found” and likewise certbot renew says “no renewals were attempted”) even if I put them into /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt/archive/ and create the symlink in /usr/local/etc/letsencrypt/live/.

I think what I could do to fix it is to write the renewal/ file myself, and I have an example from another server, but I don’t know what my account ID is. I never explicitly made one. From what I’ve read certbot made one for me the first time I got a cert, but that was on the old server, which I don’t have access to anymore.

If it matters, the cert is a wildcard for yujiri.yxz and *

The current server runs FreeBSD 12.0 and is hosted by Digital Ocean. I do have root access.

Certbot version is 0.35.1, Python 3.

Hi @Yujiri

start with

certbot -d yujiri.yxz -d *.yujiri.yxz

then Certbot should create a new account and a certificate.

If you don't have the older config files, do that with every new certificate you need.

Check the command line options

to see, if you want to use additional command (certonly, --manual or an installer).


Thanks! I thought creating a new one might mess stuff up, but it’s working fine now.


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