How to Generate ssl for multiple domains?


I want to generate ssl for multiple domains and sub domain using certbot.

Eg:, *,

I am using sudo certbot certonly --preferred-challenges dns --email --server --agree-tos -d -d * -d

But unable to do the same.Please guide me if I am missing some configuration


Your command looks correct, so you’re going to need to be more specific on what is going wrong.


It will ask to deploy DNS_TXT for both domain and sub domain.I mean first it will ask for, then once it is passed then for * .My only concern is doesn’t it(* overrride DNS_TXT for


You can create multiple DNS TXT records under a single DNS label, just like you can give multiple IP addresses to a domain name.

e.g. can have multiple TXT values at the same time.

How exactly you do this in your DNS management interface depends on your provider.

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