How to generate 128 bit Lets encrypt certificate using Certbot

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How to generate 128 bit Lets encrypt certificate using Certbot??

By default it generate only 256 bit Lets encrypt certificate.

I am using certbot certonly command…


How do you mean “128 bits” or “256 bits”? It can mean different things in the context of SSL/TLS.

When talking about the certificate, the length of the signature is fixed on 256 bits. That won’t be changable, 128 bits signatures are unsafe.

If you mean the length of the symmetric key used in the TLS cipher suite: that isn’t determined by the certificate, but by the webserver settings.

Lets encrypt 128 bit certificate is

Lets encrypt 256 bit certificate is

That is the selected TLS cipher suite of your server. What’s the problem with the 256 bit? It’s better than 128 bit.

That difference is not determined by the certificate. It is determined by the webserver setting of the TLS cipher suite (in combination with the client).

I want 128 bit certificate that is faster than 256 bit

It is NOT the certificate which is that kind of 128 or 256 bit!

Can you tell me how to integrate that 128-bit…

Can you please tell me cypher suite for 128bit

There are many 128-bit cipher suites; you need to figure out which ones you want to use for your server. Again, this has nothing to do with Let's Encrypt. It also shouldn't have any noticeable effect on your site's performance.

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Thanks a lot finally I have integrated the 128bit cryptography

Greetings :slight_smile:

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