How to do it without the help tools? Just old school, I sent csr and get crt

Hi there!
I run a custom built web server on a custom built Linux. How can I just send my csr and get the crt?
That’s really all I need. It feels to me that these tools that are supposed to help make everything a lot more complex (at least in my case).
The script I downloaded from the website needs some dependencies, etc… I want it simple, how can I do that?
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it has a command: --signcsr --signcsr --csr /path/to/csr  -w /path/webroot/home/
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You can't--Let's Encrypt doesn't work that way. You must use some form of client, be it a piece of locally-installed software (as suggested by @Neilpang), or a third-party web client like

@Neilpang : Perfect thanks! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

hi @danb35

Let’s Encrypt will allow you use you own CSRs

@barkos there are lots of clients which are fairly straight forward (pass them CSR) certbot and some of the others have a lot of additional functionality but it’s usually a matter of shopping around

ACME requires you to use a client so there’s not real way around that. Choosing a client that is fit for purpose is a bit more of a challenge


Of course it will–with client software. As I said, you can’t just upload a CSR on the LE web site and have it generate a cert; you need to use client software of one form or another.

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