How to create certificates for a development environment in a local network

I would like how to create a Let’s Encrypt certificate to be used in a development environment in a local network. I have noticed that certbot requires a proof of domain ownership accessible via internet. But I do not expose the development environment to the internet.

If the domain is under your control (i.e. you are the registrant according to the TLD registry), you can use any ACME client that supports the DNS challenge. It does not require the website to be publicly accessible, but its DNS records should be.

If the domain is not under your control or has no publicly published DNS zone, then you can’t get a certificate at all. Try something like mkcert in that case.

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What about domain names that are only accessible in the local network? Like the domain names created with services like

Hi @averri

if you want to use http validation, isn’t visible -> no certificate.

If you aren’t the domain owner of, you can’t create required TXT entries -> no certificate via dns validation.

An own domain name is required.



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