How to best remove mismatch certificate and cleanup related files


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I would like to remove a mismatched certificate (I obtained as discussed in the topic above) and clean up my files before moving to a new non-shared hosting plan.

Before getting this certificate via, I had unsuccessfully tried certbot-auto, so I’ve created additional files that I may need to remove there too.

Will removing my etc/ folder be enough? I’d like to show NO CERTIFICATE rather than a mismatch if possible.

Where else should I remove files? I’ve got a long list of files created during my trials of obtaining my mismatched cert.

Are there removal codes that would be better?

Thank you


I’m not sure “removing files” is going to fix this. You should probably head over to your cPanel and disable TLS/SSL altogether. This, because the cert showing is of your hosting provider, not anything you actually put on your disc yourself.


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