How to add owned by: Person X to SSL certificate

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My domain is:

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

I get my SSL certificate from my host provider.

I noticed that when I go to certain sites, for example, they have the name of the company right next to the Green Lock in the browser.

See the image below:


It shows that this SSL certificate was issued to Fox LLC.

How can I add the something similar to my SSL certificate?


That’s Extended Validation certificate, and requires manual human intervention, so you’d have to buy one from other provider if you want to.


Hi @ted.heywood

as @orangepizza wrote, that’s an Extended validation.

But if you want to buy such a certificate: Perhaps read

Sometimes I see websites with EV-certificates - oh, then they forget to renew the certificate and the certificate is expired. That’s really bad. Then the website doesn’t use HSTS, so users can create an exception. Happens sometimes, big companies (bundesfinanzhof in Germany).

My personal position: A shorter living (perhaps Letsencrypt-) certificate with an automatic renew and HSTS -> the website is better.


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