How to add CAA record?

How do I add a CAA record to domain?

Domains registered through Namecheap and Google Domains

You can generate CAA records with a tool like

Then you have to add the resulting entries to your DNS zone file.

Do I add it as text record?



(Found with Google search for namecheap add caa record and Google search for google domains add caa record.)

Nope, it is a CAA record, not TXT. It’s its own RR type which is unrelated to TXT.

Let's hope NameCheap and/or Google can handle that.. :flushed:

The page of NameCheap I found just relates to TXT records :grimacing:

Hmm, NameCheap is being cheap again I think:

What type of DNS records can I manage?
We provide support for A, CNAME, NS, MX, TXT, SRV, AAAA record types.


I'm not sure Google supports CAA either?

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Support for the CAA record type is missing from most major DNS providers, including Namecheap if I’m reading this correctly.

dnsimple and Google Cloud DNS support CAA. Route 53 and Cloudflare don’t either.

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Great, they just didn't mention it on the page I posted :angry: Rather inconsequent..

Google Cloud DNS has CAA record support, but DNS service provided by Google Domains does not (I asked them the very question, and they said the feature will be available soon, but not with an ETA.


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