Hostmonster does not have CAA record and have only CNAME

I need your help to add a CAA record in a CNAME location as hostmonster doean not have a place for CAA
Please hide my data! :slight_smile:
My Domain
Wild and non Wildcard
I’m using with the above information to get the CAA records to add in CAA recodrds in other hosting companies, So with the CNAME I do not know what is:
1- host record
2- Points to
3- TTL
Please help and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @ahmedvolks

two things:

  • CNAME and CAA are completely different things
  • You don’t need a CAA. If your dns provider doesn’t support CAA, that’s not good (CAA records are old), but that doesn’t / shouldn’t block you to create a certificate.

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