How to add a domain to an existing set of certs using

Please retry the last grep search again.
grep -ERi 'posthook|renewhook'

_savedomainconf "Le_PostHook" "$_post_hook" "base64" _savedomainconf "Le_RenewHook" "$_renew_hook" "base64" Le_PostHook="$(_readdomainconf Le_PostHook)" Le_RenewHook="$(_readdomainconf Le_RenewHook)" issue "$Le_Webroot" "$Le_Domain" "$Le_Alt" "$Le_Keylength" "$Le_RealCertPath" "$Le_RealKeyPath" "$Le_RealCACertPath" "$Le_ReloadCmd" "$Le_RealFullChainPath" "$Le_PreHook" "$Le_PostHook" "$Le_RenewHook" "$Le_LocalAddress" "$Le_ChallengeAlias"

This is not what I expected.
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place…
Please show:
find / -name

Only one result

(In case you’re wondering, can’t run a find from / because of the shared hosting. Has to start from home dir)

(Re video game: I broke the suspense by trying to get this site up and running on a node server. Certs are easier there. You beat me to it.)

Following that folder structure, list the .conf file of the domain you renewed with the hook cpanel -f
and then also show the contents.
ls -l ~/
cat ~/


Are you also playing a game?
I asked you to list the file and show the contents of it.

ls -l ~/
cat ~/

This is becoming a movie.
A really long one.

longer than…
tora! tora! tora!

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Le_CertCreateTimeStr='Thu Sep 17 03:36:50 UTC 2020'
Le_NextRenewTimeStr='Mon Nov 16 03:36:50 UTC 2020'

I started at 8am on this.

That should have been shown… :frowning:
I think I missed something…

grep -ERi 'posthook|renewhook' ~/

[the dot after the slash may have hidden that folder]

You also failed to show (again) - PUT DOWN THE TV REMOTE - LOL

~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/'' ~/ _savedomainconf "Le_PostHook" "$_post_hook" "base64" ~/ _savedomainconf "Le_RenewHook" "$_renew_hook" "base64" ~/ Le_PostHook="$(_readdomainconf Le_PostHook)" ~/ Le_RenewHook="$(_readdomainconf Le_RenewHook)" ~/ issue "$Le_Webroot" "$Le_Domain" "$Le_Alt" "$Le_Keylength" "$Le_RealCertPath" "$Le_RealKeyPath" "$Le_RealCACertPath" "$Le_ReloadCmd" "$Le_RealFullChainPath" "$Le_PreHook" "$Le_PostHook" "$Le_RenewHook" "$Le_LocalAddress" "$Le_ChallengeAlias"

They are all =’’ EMPTY :frowning:
I did not expect that.

Where/how did you modify the cron job with the added “--deploy-hook cpanel”?

I didn’t modify the cron job. I didn’t dare touch that thing.

Want me to update it?

I don’t think you can add that parameter in there anyway.
Perhaps somehow manually editing each conf file to show:

But that is also a guess.
Maybe you can test one domain file out with that.

I’m perfectly happy to delete that cron job and run this manually every 3 months.
That is hardly a burden.

That is the “default” job; it only tries to renews all certs once a day(as issued) and possibly tries to update itself.
But we know it isn’t updating itself v2.8.6 is not the latest.

So I thought once you updated HOW you got a cert (with the --deploy-hook added) it would “remember” that (for that cert).
But it didn’t store that parameter with that domain … anywhere we could find.

So future renewals will also fail to integrate with cPanel…

But presumably we can keep updating (manually) with --deploy-hook cpanel each time, and that’ll work, correct?

Tedious but yeah
unless there is a “global” command for that
~/ --renew-all --deploy-hook cpanel
[another guess]

You will have to script one line for each cert in your job:
/ --renew -d one --deploy-hook cpanel
/ --renew -d two --deploy-hook cpanel

/ --renew -d twenty --deploy-hook cpanel

[actually not one per domain - one per cert]

Gah!!! So be it. Every 3 months I inch ever closer to this being easy and authoritatively comprehensible, while the process develops new wrinkles I never seem to catch up to.

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