How to add a domain to an existing set of certs using

Tenacious Rudy

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Don’t forget most posts AFTER a solution was provided too!

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I have been called that many a time :slight_smile:

Instructions are for cheaters!

If you want, for all your efforts, I’ll run those cron tests or whatnot to see what the specific are.
Right now I have to eat (and sleep), but could pick it up tomorrow if it makes a difference to you.

Either way thanks for all your help. It makes a difference when people (i.e. you) know their stuff and how to deal with tech when the solutions are half voodoo.

Thanks again.


Anything that you can add to this topic to help others in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated.
[open a new one with just the lowdown nitty gritty details]

Cheers from Miami :beers:

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