How to access issued certificates for a given domain

How can i view my current issued certificates for a domain?

shows certificates that expired on 2016-05-21.

Does that mean +1 for every subsub domain like (+4)?

No, the resource that’s rate-limited is certificates, not number of (sub)domains on a certificate.

  • If you issue one certificate with 10 subdomains of (independent of the “depth” of those subdomains), your rate limit for sits at 1.
  • If you issue 10 separate certificate for each of those 10 subdomains of, the rate limit for sits at 10. shows one certificate for your domain in the last 7 days, so you should be fine.

(Note: there’s a separate limit of 100 subdomains per certificate, but that’s mostly to prevent certificates from becoming too big - 100 is what most providers using shared SAN certificates settle on, for example.)

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Thanks for the fast response.

Here i see all certificates.

Something is going on there.

I should use the test ca.

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