How much secure is Lets Encrypt

I loved lets encrypt thank you so much for your free services. I have installed it on my two websites hosterpak and ctrentacar without you I was not able to use SSL as paid version as it was much costly.
I have a question though, how much secure is it? and can I use a badge also beside the https?

Hi @zalimkhan,

I'm glad you like Let's Encrypt and that it's allowed you to get HTTPS on sites that otherwise wouldn't have it!

Let's Encrypt uses the same technologies as other certificate authorities and should provide the same level of security that they do. Let's Encrypt's practices have also been audited by independent auditors, in the same way as other CAs' practices have been. You can read lots of details about our policies and audits at

The cryptographic security of HTTPS connections isn't determined by the certificate authority, but mostly by the web server configuration. A good way to test this for your particular site is with the scanner at

This will rate lots of aspects of the security of the connection for you, and show you ways that it could be improved.

This has been a pretty frequent question on this forum. Let's Encrypt has decided not to offer a badge or site seal. You can see some of the previous discussions of this topic here at


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