How i will install letsencrypt on my Linux Server?

Hello Dear, I am new for lets encrypt and i have download the files ‘encrypt-master’ from your website and i want to install it on my server and domain is-

Our hosting Account at bluehost and they said We can install third party service…

So please give me step to install it on our server.

Thanks in Adv.

Hi @deepak_2015, please see the documentation at

Okay, Yes, I have checked the documentation and trying to install like this-

Is this correct way to install?

or some other way to install it from linux server.?

I have cpanel of bluehost.

Please give me the step for installation.


Server Configuration:

Software : CentOS 6, Linux Kernel 2.6.32, Apache Web Server, cPanel 11.42.x

Platforms : PHP 5.4, Perl 5.10, Python 2.6.6, Ruby + Ruby on Rails, MySQL 5.5, PostgreSQL 8



letsencrypt-auto is a wrapper which installs some dependencies from your OS standard package repositories (e.g. using apt-get or yum), and for other dependencies it sets up a virtualized Python environment with packages downloaded from PyPI [1]. It also provides automated updates.

To install and run the client, just type…


Where i will type ‘./letsencrypt-auto’ ?

Are you familiar at all with SSH ? do you have an SSH client on your computer to connect to your server ? Putty ?

Is this a dedicated server with cpanel ? ( ie you have root access and complete control )