How do I completly remove

I have installed with these instructions

First post
I have a CentOS 6.6 Server Cpanel.
After giving 3 Domains a Cert I have decided to go with a Cpanel Paid Plugin that will allow my Users to install via Cpanel.
I’m having a problem removing the Certs I can’t get the command line correctly. then I want to remove the Files

I have tried
./letsencrypt revoke --cert-path /etc/letsencrypt/archives/
letsencrypt: error: argument --cert-path: No such file or directory

then I tried
./letsencrypt revoke --cert-path /etc/letsencrypt/live/
got back
Version: 1.1-20080819
Version: 1.1-20080819

I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Someone Please let me know how to remove it.
I was informed by the plugin Maker the the software files don’t have to be removed since the plugin uses different install files so for now removing the certs and cleaning up the files in the accounts so I can install the plugin and use it like that.
thanks in advance

maybe you should remove the / at the end.

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after much reading on the community site a lot of people need to remove but no answers from staff on that has come to light. I have read that revoking is not the way in some posts and read that it is in others .
So now I do not know how to proceed. Thinking that I should have waited until there was an uninstaller. or instructions how to remove and not revoke the certs so a reinstall or reinstall with another type of installer (plugin).

Could someone Please help me remove the certs and move to the paid plugin do I revoke? do I delete files directory’s?
There is the SSL manage SSL Hosts in cpanel I see a Delete Link in it should I delete the certs from there and thats it?
So many questions

Hi @3awh

The challenge here is that you used a non-standard installation - hence you aren't getting a quick, clear response.

There is no need, and no advantage - so I wouldn't, no.

You installed into /root/letsencrypt I believe. There is no requirement to remove this - but I like a tidy server, so yes I'd delete the /root/letsencrypt folder and everything within it.

Also, purely for a tidy server, you can delete /etc/letsencrypt and all the files / folders in it. None of these have to be removed for you to move forward though.

This is a cpanel question, nothing to do with Let's Encrypt. From my experience, there is no point in deleting it there in cpanel, just install the new certificates ( which your new plugin should do )

Thank you for helping
Is there any configs (apache, Server) that I would have to edit to uninstall?
the SSL directory in each domain account I can delete I did make backups of everything on to my home computer in case I needed something.

No, assuming you are adding new certificates with your plugin, then no. (if you wanted to remove all SSL then you would need to delete the certs etc through cpanel )

Those are created by cpanel, not by letsencrypt. I'd leave those there.

Always a good plan :slight_smile:

Follow up I installed the paid plugin and I’m good to go just had to delete the .well-known directory so it could recreate it.
Thank you for your help

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