How Can I Generate a Certificate for an Windows 10 Web App


I want to Generate a Certificate for an Windows 10 Web App (Foundry VTT).

It’s a web server that works without IIS. This standalone application uses the port 30000, but you can change it.

After you start the app the clients can connect to you using a link http://YOUR-IP,net:30000

The procedure to add a certificate to it is just putting the files in a folder in change a configuration file.

"sslCert": "localhost.cert",
"sslKey": "localhost.key",

After that clients can access using https://YOUR-IP,net:30000

Is there a way to create a certificate in Windows 10 and use them in this way?

Hi @brunocalado

that’s possible.

Start with some basics:

Then select a client.

You can create an own webserver or you use a client with a --standalone option. Or - if your dns provider supports an API - you can use dns validation (no webserver is required).

May be you have to convert the certificate into the correct format. Then use it.

PS: May be easier: There is a Caddy sample:

You can use Caddy with Windows, there is a Letsencrypt support.


Certificates provided by LetsEncrypt will not provide you any benefit if you are going to access the site directly via IP.

It could be used via any name that you control.

Yes. I’m using ddns from

Then, yes, should work :slight_smile:

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