How can I delete all the staging data?

I am using the staging area to test a software, but now it is full of failed check attempts.
How can I remove them?



What staging area are you trying?

Let’s encrypt does not provide an online (browser friendly) way to check / request staging certificate… Let’s encrypt would only provide API access…

Is it possible that you are trying to clear some third party software’s data?

Thank you


Look at:

En 28 de agosto de 2018, en 7:00 p. m., Steven Zhu escribió:


You could just initiate another challenges. Since this token is already expired.

Thank you

Hi @pyxsoft

you can ignore these urls / pages. If you hit a limit, deleting wouldn't change that.

It's very unusual to hit rate limits for the staging API.. What was the exact error you got? Did you hit the 60 Failed Validations per hour limit as described on the Staging Environment page? If so, read the Rate Limits page as described for the production API to see how long the rate limit applies.

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